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About Alcheme Salon

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco's premier shopping district, Union Square, Alcheme Salon stands as an epitome of sophistication, artistry, and innovation. Since its inception in 2004, our modern downtown loft, with its elegant ambiance, ensures that every guest is enveloped in warmth and confidence, ensuring a fulfilling journey from consultation to completion.

As the premier hair destination in downtown San Francisco, we're not just about hair, but an unparalleled experience. Our commitment to stellar customer service aligns seamlessly with our mission to offer exceptional hair artistry. Our comprehensive range of services caters to diverse needs, making us a one-stop solution for the Bay Area residents. From mastering the nuances of color corrections, creative color to the artistry of balayage, our team excels in every domain.

What truly sets Alcheme Salon apart is our team of true industry alchemists. We are immensely proud to house one of the 250 certified Wella Master Colorists in the world. Our shared-space studio is a haven for these creative mavericks, renowned for their unparalleled skills and artistry.

Beyond our acclaimed coloring services, we offer a plethora of treatments and services to nourish and style your hair. From the transformative Keratin and Olaplex smoothing treatments, a broad spectrum of deep and scalp conditioning treatments, to quintessential men and women's haircuts, we have something for everyone.

For those seeking premium hair care products, our shelves boast elite brands like Wella Professionals, Kerastase, Milbon, and Rene Furterer, ensuring that your hair receives nothing but the best.

Our dedication to innovation and expansion is evident with the introduction of Bloom Services at Alcheme Salon. A synergy with the celebrated team from Bloom Blow Dry Bar in San Francisco and Bloom on Piedmont in Oakland, Bloom at Alcheme Salon introduces an exclusive blowdry bar. Whether you're prepping for an important work event, or a sparkling night in the city, our blowdry bar promises the perfect finishing touch.

At Alcheme Salon, we promise more than just a hair service; we promise an unparalleled experience. A rendezvous of art, luxury, and finesse, we invite you to experience hair care like never before. Welcome to Alcheme Salon, where magic happens!


Introducing Bloom at Alcheme Salon: The Ultimate Blowdry Experience

Introducing Bloom at Alcheme Salon in San Francisco - a sanctuary where every strand of hair is transformed, revealing the best version of you. An extension of the renowned Bloom Blow Dry Bar in San Francisco and Bloom on Piedmont in Oakland, Bloom at Alcheme Salon is a haven for those seeking a superior blowout experience.

From weekday hustle to weekend glamour, a perfect hair day awaits you. Our masterful blowouts impart a shine so glossy, a bounce so lively, and a finish so sleek, you won't need to reach for your flat iron.


At Bloom at Alcheme Salon, every blowout is an artwork, every experience a cherished memory. Come, let your hair tell a tale of luxury, style, and elegance.

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